About Our Teachers
All our teachers are university graduates, native Greek speakers, with experience in teaching Greek as a Foreign Language. They are fluent in English and competent in other European languages.
They share one common trait among them: they love their job and do it with passion. They do not only teach you the Greek language but also share their wealth of knowledge about Greece and Cyprus in the past and present, in a friendly and informative manner.

They have not only been chosen for their qualifications and experience, but also for their ability to work enthusiastically with students. Our teachers will help you establish clear learning objectives and will encourage you to speak Greek from the very first day. Your classes will be stimulating and fun. 

Head Teacher 
Ms Niki Andreou

Deputy Head
Maria Karazanou


Nursery Class – Jenny Stavrou 
Reception A Class – Eleftheria Helsby 
Reception B Class -Marios Eracleous 
Year 1a Class – Elena Elia 
Year 1b Class – Alexandra Vomvori                                                                                                              
Year 1a Advance Class – Alexandra Vomvovi
Year 2b Advance Class – Maria Karazanou
Year 2a Class – Stephanie Kokkinou
Year 2b Class – Niki Andreou
Year 3a Class – Katerina Gelakotelli
Year 3b Class – Theodora Velaetti
Year 4a Class – Christina Kouppari
Year 4b Class – Marilena Dalla
Year 5 Class – TBC
Year 6 Class – Elisavet Tseliou
GCSE 1a Class – Anna Kandretti
GCSE 1b Class – Foteini Nikola
GCSE 2 Class – Andreas Stylianou
Teachers Assistants

Alexandra Kirilov
Sophia Chimonas
Pinelopi Constantinou
Maria Economidies
Maria Botfield

Dancing & Music Teachers

Dancing Teacher – Stelios Loizou
Dancing Teacher Assistant – Christian Stamou
Music Teacher - Thodoris Ziarkas
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